Centricast Hollow Bar

Corrosion Resistant Alloys
High Temperature Alloys (HTA)


Total freedom in the choice of purchased diameters, with better weight yields (lower weight/meter compared to a standard sized extruded product).

  • Wall thicknesses up to 120/15Omm; heavier than extruded products.
  • Outside diameters in production up to 1200mm.
  • High metallurgical cleanliness/fewer inclusions than wrought products.
  • Excellent operative flexibility (low minimum production lots, very tight tolerances, good machinability, rapid product and delivery terms)

Production Size Range

Outside diameter: 80-1200mm.
Wall thickness: 10-150mm.
Length: up to 4780mm.

Eden Materials carries a wide range of centricast tube that can be cut and despatched for a next day delivery.

Non-standard items can be manufactured at the foundry and delivered in 2/3 weeks if necessary.

How To Purchase Centricast Tubes

Centricast tubes are normally supplied in the following:

Basic executions:

  1. As cast outside/inside code RR
  2. Machined outside/as cast inside code TR
  3. Machined outside/inside code TT