The operative flexibility of centrifugal casting covers a wide range of applications.

For corrosion resistant alloys (CRA):

  • commercial tube for subsequent machining operations (as mechanical tubes).
  • line tubes in chemical plants and offshore platforms on 8"-24" diameter range and high schedules (80-XXS)
  • conveyor rolls in pulp and paper, dairy, textile, printing industries.

Valve industry:

  • central and lateral bodies for high pressure ball valves
  • internals, seats, rings, nozzles.

Pump industry:

  • multistage bodies, mechanical seals, collectors.
  • line pipes for nuclear stations.
  • cylinders for chrome plating and oleodynamics.
  • cryogenics, industrial gases production.

For high temperature alloys (HTA).

  • radiant tubes.
  • roll conveyors for metallurgical industry.
  • muffles, retorts.
  • line pipes and fittings for Petrochemical industry.
  • rolls for hot dip zinc plating and electrogalvanizing